About Me

I was born in the mid 70s and raised alternately in Colorado, Middle-earth, Krynn, New Urth, and the lands surrounding Hobbit Hill. I watched cartoons about dogs that solved mysteries, and about rabbits that cross-dressed and committed acts of mayhem upon ducks, pumas, and coyotes.

As far as I can tell I’m reasonably well-adjusted.

I attest that I was born a ripe seven-years-old, I knew how to read, and I assert that most people can’t prove otherwise.  I spent a requisite amount of time being educated in classical centers of learning before dropping off the literary and fine arts grid to pursue a career in information and medical technologies, where I continued to draw a salary as a technology platform-delivery project manager and builder of modern health care facilities until the spring of 2013. I left project management to re-invest in my love of diagnostic medicine and return to engineering in the world of PACS (picture archiving and communication systems).

My philosophy of fiction is couched largely in an interest in storytelling as entertainment (versus instructional or as political rhetoric). My writing credits include Wormhole ElectricTales to Oddify, a long litany of notebook scrawls dating back to the late part of the 1980s, and mountains of technical documentation on software and hardware implementation and information security.

I am happily married, have a daughter, and provide housekeeping services for two ridiculous cats. My daughter is scheduled to inherit housekeeping services for two ridiculous cats as soon as humanly possible.

My current interests include carving pumpkins, painting pictures, telling stories, providing unlicensed therapy to coprolalic moths, obscure history, video games, backyard barbecues, doodling in the margins, and re-encountering my sense of smell.

I am an infrequent blogger, but it happens.

bonus points if you know the source of the caption quote
sucking on a smoldering chair leg