War is not a Game

There is nothing happening now, except my weather update news has transformed into war on Iraq news.  I’m not sure how I feel about that… a large part of me has a sort of ‘head buried in the sand’ attitude about it, but the rest of me is curious enough to want to see both sides more clearly.  Unfortunately both sides aren’t terribly clear: I’ve got boatloads of propaganda-esque information supporting the war effort, and a nagging sense of two things: this is cleanup for leaving a despot in power ten years ago, and this is a world-domination sham perpetrated by reactionary government.  Then there’s a boatload of peaceniks protesting war on moral grounds, which I respect, but being as antihuman as I am, I rather scoff at them a bit for reasons that moralistic viewpoints are powerless to counter.  Whatever.


Bombs will fall.  Of that I have no doubt.  Death will be wanton and violent, and in places probably unnecessary to the effort.  Of that I have no doubt.  The bloodthirsty fiend in me, while very small and carefully suppressed, wishes it could be at the forefront of the storm.  The rest of me is glad to be buried under 4+ feet of snow in Colorado.


How appropriate is it that the news is airing around a bunch of antacid commercials?


And now this: a warning that this war effort will get more television coverage than any other event in history.  Some televised activity may resemble popular videogames, but the networks are “profoundly aware” that war is not a game.  What a world we live in, that such a warning even has merit.