Opening Salvo (Redux)

On March 25th of 2007, I started it all over. Again.  With this:






That picture is still my Gravatar pic.

…there’s been a huge evolution in what it means to “‘blog” at all. Now credible people and hooligans alike are offering up their opinions and lives, some as a public service, some more akin to the nonsense I’ve become so fond of.

  1. The decision to reopen this door stems from two fundamental aspects of my (rotten) person: first, my ability to string words together is tied irrevocably to levels of practice and commitment I uphold to writing. Frankly, I’m surprised I managed through that last sentence for all the commitment I’ve shown in the last couple years.
  2. Second, I have an all new accumulation of pathos I want to shed responsibility for and regurgitate upon the world for open analysis. To this end I feel I need a mission statement.

Wait, there’s more:

Since we left off back… whenever we left off, a few important things have happened; for clarity’s purpose, I will break out a list and go into more detail afterwards.

  1. I left my job as a consultant to take a project engineering job with a health care leader in Colorado.
  2. I eliminated all trace of consumer debt from my credit record.
  3. I abandoned the ship of loveless tryst relationships.
  4. I fell surprisingly hard for what must be a faerie – she’s undiluted chaos as far as I can see – and little good has come of it (just a little).
  5. I moved out of the metro area and into the mountains on a whim.
  6. I left the engineering job to take over the management of the technology department at the same company.
  7. … I’ve become a Dale Carnegie junkie?

Last summer I packed up all my crap: both boxes (inside joke), and moved into a basement bedroom in a big house up on the mountain. I’m cohabiting with a couple I’ve known for about… oh, 6 or 7 years now, who didn’t really need a roomie, but for some reason we found the notion compelling enough to try it. Thus far it’s been a grand living experience; they are both delightful people and somehow it works. When we started, we said 1 or 2 years, at the end of which they would likely start looking for an upgrade home in the region. I’ve postulated on buying this house from them, but presently my leaning is to return to the city. As much as I like it up here, I think I’m of a breed that needs to see and smell urban life. This is another sub-plot in my story I’ll cover more later.

In March of 2006 I learned my employer has a use-it-or-lose-it policy on vacation time. We can inject so many accumulated hours into our extended illness accounts, and after that receive a buy-out of up to two weeks. Anything left over is gone. So, while I’m being strong-armed into taking a week off, my boss is exited from the company. The details are a little sketchy, but as far as I can tell he got in a fight with the regional director, which got back to the executive director, and they agreed mutually that my boss would resign immediately. A couple months later the organization asked me to do that job – I said no. A few more months go by and they ask me again to do it, and offer me some concessions – this time I said yes. Organizationally there is no actual director title for the technology department, the best you can get is senior manager. So that is what I am. I received a pretty decent bump in my salary once again, a compensatory one-time bonus for time-served as a department leader during the interim, and a few promises (that I feel were rather empty).

One of the things the company did follow-through on was training. I’ve already received 2.5 continuing education credits from Dale Carnegie, and in about 8 weeks, I’ll have 2.5 more. Not that I’m out to plug the institution, I have found significant value in what’s offered. I imagine I’ll speak more on this later as well.

That’s a reasonably sugar-free summary of the setting as this story resumes. Questions are encouraged. Not that there’s an audience at this point, but whatever.