Coffee Filtered Through Ennui

Back when I had an office job (April 2, 2007):

Is there some counterpart to seasonal affective disorder that makes the springtime seem like a good time to be disenfranchised in all respects? The daily light levels have increased and I just want to go back to bed.

I’m not so fond of the dark as I used to be; my eyesight isn’t what it was ten years ago. I kind of like the feel of sunlight when its not yet too hot to endure. Yet here it is – hibernation instinct.

The office feels strange now. So many people moved across the hall into the new space and now my end of the building is a virtual wasteland of cubes that could have been hydrogen bombed for all their seeming desolation. Even the lateral file cabinets are gone and the halls no longer require you to signal before humping someone as you pass. Coupled with that constant whine in the back of my head to get up and move on, this place is feeling very alien.