I Can’t Quite Drink Enough

April 18, 2007 – there’s something about speeding tickets that’ll make you a little touchy…

It’s an interesting world we live in, isn’t it? For each day that I drive along the front range and marvel at the great glory of green bursting up from the scrub I find there’s concurrently a day to wonder at why we bother getting out of bed at all.

It is my penchant to complain, though, isn’t it?

That curious project of mine was a remarkable, astonishing, inimitable success. It was like quicksilver sliding between the breasts of a supermodel. What did I do, you ask? Let’s start with a quick synopsis of the situation:

In late ’05 and early ’06 my former boss fought for and acquired ~40,000$ to build out the electrical facility and expand the square footage of the data room housing our core applications and network hub. Since then, the municipality has proven and re-proven that it doesn’t care how diligent you are about isolating dedicated circuits, they’re still going to cut off your power for periods of time longer than your battery backup can sustain. Just to make it interesting they’re also going to fluctuate the voltage heavily.

Bottom line: the 40k of expanded facility = useless.

Last weekend we moved all the core systems and the network nucleus to a hardened hosting and co-location facility. With the aid of one Network Engineer from the mothership in Houston we made this happen with a single evening’s outage, and a Saturday and Sunday of interruptive core application services while we ‘tweaked’. By start of business on Monday it was as if no move had taken place at all – literally we made it transparent.

But… oops! Murphy just ain’t having that. Viral residue from two weeks ago takes hold and paralyzes the mothership’s authentication servers, effectively cutting my practices off from their file and print services. Radiation applications, medical records, dose-apps, and support systems continue to function, leaving the business operational, but crippled.

Who gets the blame? Moi.

In other news, I received a speeding ticket in the city of Centennial (of all fucking backwater places). In keeping with our curiously hypocritical and no-account justice system, I can write them a check to have my speeding atrocity knocked down to a vehicular inconsistency. I of course want to vomit. On the one hand it seems like a good idea to appear and make the issuing officer appear and explain himself. On the other, it’s actually cheaper for me to pay the fine and go to work. That’s where they get you, isn’t it? I should add that this marks the official de-virginization of my previously hymenally intact driving record.

In other, other news I’m just about over it. But not quite.

What’s that leave? I have to schedule some vacation time between angry physician chiefs yelling at me and large construction projects going awry because the architect has no ability to draft telephone / data rooms at appropriate sizes, core and shell pours are already cracking, the nearby road construction has made it a herculean feat to pull optical cable into the building, and probably a dead seagull will rot inside something structural and the gasses compressing within the space will eventually erupt explosively, causing a butterfly in South America to fart and the devastating series of chain reactions will ensue, up to but not necessarily including another reactionary swing in the electoral college. Every time that damn presidential groundhog sees his shadow it’s 8 more years of neo-fascism.

At this point the whiskey has set in and I’m no longer sure what I’m talking about.