Economic Recession?

A little view into the world of medicine, from the technologist’s perspective, circa Q1 of 2008:


…our doctors’ take-home has collapsed by 50% since the halcyon days of 2005. Drug reimbursement from government payors has all but disappeared. Reimbursement for diagnostic imaging dropped some 30% last year. The physicians, often counseled to write their congressmen have finally taken note (there’s no money to pay for that house in Vail anymore).

One of our practices was rocked by the appearance of misconduct. The divisional director for that practice left and demanded that her exiting interview reflect her belief that people were fucking instead of working. The physicians held a closed-door session to decide if there was a no-confidence vote for the physician president and the executive director. The mortar is crumbling while we await the answer.

Regional Directors in other parts of the nation have failed miserably at their appointed tasks, casting a thick black shadow over the integrity of the position (which was created new in 2005). My RD takes on more and more work that shouldn’t really be his responsibility, just to try and save the job title from unfriendly business scrutiny. The overreaching shelter of the Executive Chairman who once supported the CIO is long gone since his retirement, exchanged for the hard, cold stare of the chief financial officer.

The hurtling fireball of Centricity long ago suggested that the job one of my superstar employees would disappear. While I made mention of this time and time again, at the behest of that (worried) employee, no one would consider it seriously. That same employee has hung on as a total godsend through the whole thing, essentially teaching the business how to live without him on the understanding that I had other work for him when this is all done. Last Friday my boss asked me to write an exit strategy that involved laying him off as part of a sweeping movement across the administrative sector of our organization.

Where before I would work 8 to 6 or 7, now I work 9 to 5, often disappearing at random through the day, drink on my RD’s nickel every chance I get (the allocation goes back to my employer), and generally have a lackluster work-life.