Washed in Iodine

Originally Feb of 2008:

I put a lot of pictures on paper today, more than I’ve done in a mighty long time. I took a few minutes to rifle through the pictures I’ve saved over the years, and came upon one I’d forgotten I had. Some years ago that little girl I met in college sent me a photograph her boy had taken of her in lingerie. Its cheesecake and so wonderfully real – it brought back a great many memories of emotions, memories of sensations, of things I can’t quite picture in my mind anymore, things I know happened but I have to tell myself about them as though they were stories.

One of the stories I tell myself in lieu of a memory is of us, in the kitchen at their house. We were on the subject, and the girl humored us a bit by making a little cry face. Somewhere in the whirlwind I actually saw Avril Levine’s video for ‘Damn Cold Night’, saw that face with the appearance of running mascara, saw the lines form around her eyes… say what you want about her music, the girl has an amazing face for crying.

This I did as a portrait in crayons. The irony being that I left the face blank and colored the entirety of the rest of the paper. I drew her eyes in pencil in a separate sketchbook.

Maybe someday I’ll scan them.

Irony, that is, if you accept that “dacryphilia” was the point.  I still have the first pencil treatments of the subject, one of the color prints, and the final, framed pencil treatment of this particular little gem.