A Long Litany of Historical Jeff-ish Nonsense

I’ve created a new blog category and started importing excerpts of blog posts from older blogs I’ve authored over the last (gasp!) decade-and-a-half.


If these sorts of things are of any passing interest to you, feel free to sneak on over to the “Ye Olde Blog” category found in the navigation menu to the right of the full web page, or even by clicking this link. It’s also visible in the Archives as anything earlier than March of 2013, when this domain name was registered, and this WordPress site was born.


Herein you shall find stuff dating back to even as far as 1999, when the Geocities ego fluff became a kind of transcendent, community hallucination, and the very first iteration of “Primitive Behaviours” was born (and yeah, it was all edgy and spelled British English-y, or something).


I am editing and abridging in the effort to keep myself honest, shed the angst-y “didn’t get laid enough” post-adolescent nonsense, and protect the privacy of the players mentioned therein. Usually what you’ll find is a few paragraphs taken out of what was a much longer and suitably ego-boring blog entry. You might even find a jolly pirate nickname. I’m looking for the cream here, basically. Once in a while I make myself laugh, and those are the things I aim to share.


I haven’t quite figured out if or how I’ll update when I’ve added new content to that section. If I come up with an answer I’ll be sure to post it here.