Transcend Dental Plan(s)

Found in the morass of rambles:

(May 1, 2009)

For my part, I’m toying with Power Steering, Evernote, Google Docs, Box, Blogger, and a handful of inter-linking approaches to create what is, as far as I can tell, a morass of informational blobs.  The fun and interesting thing about blobs of otherwise unrelated information is the concept of tagging (manually or automatically) and building dynamic indexes from those tags.

It amused me to note that:

  1. Power Steering crashed and burned in my organization. We couldn’t dump that thing fast enough.
  2. I still use Evernote just about every day.
  3. Google Docs is mostly a thing I have forgotten about, but there are still odds and ends out there.
  4. Box?  Nope, not after the Oddify project went belly up. (Also here, you’ll find JNK credits in the Summer 2009 edition)
  5. Blogger… the excerpt above was originally recorded in a Blogger blog, which is no longer active … in fact it only exists because I loaded the backups into Blogger to read them. When I’m done, they’ll be gone again.  +1 for that functionality working perfectly.
  6. I have no idea what the handful of “other approaches” are, or were.
  7. Dynamic indices – back then, wow, whiz-bang; now, so normal they’re not even interesting. Time flies.

I also just did a big ol’ 80’s comedy double-take at the prices listed for the 2009 Summer Ed. of TtO.  I guess I’ll get me a little cash infusion if that price holds. I have at least one extra copy lying around…