summer can pog mo thoin

Four days into September and radio silence from me? That’s horrible. September is arguably my favorite time of year in Colorado – the climate is hitting my sweet spots in every way. It’s cold in the morning but if you step into the sun you’re instantly warm. The days are alternating clouds and sunshine, brisk but cheerful, the sweaty hot hell of summer can kiss me below my farmers tan.

So where have I been? I spent July and August plugging away on the latest fiction piece and am happy to say that I finished it three days before deadline. Nice. It’s due out in October; I’ll be sure to share when I have the links. The submission draft was just shy of 18,000 words.

I also spent a week in Mexico during August; a family trip with all the usual bells and whistles. Mexico is an exciting place to take a small child – the locals are so very ‘family friendly’. They love children. I can just imagine the specter hovering in the background telling us its a messed-up, corrupt place and there are evil people waiting around every corner to steal your blue-eyed daughters…

…That’s why I invented the baby stapler!

Not really, but we didn’t have any issues.

In other news, there isn’t really any other news.