New Year, Same Challenge (SSNY?)

I have the same problem I had last year: Time.

I don’t know anyone with a work-life arrangement similar to mine. I work from my home office during fixed hours. If they flex at all it’s not more than an hour in one direction or the other. I have a great job – the job I dreamed of having five years ago when I first perceived of the vocation. I have a good thing going here and I’m deeply reluctant to tamper with it.

Do I miss commuting? No. Do I miss the gap time driving down the highway with the stereo on? Only a little.

I spend 100% of my non-work time with my family – the exceptions are rare enough to not qualify for a whole-number percentage. I have the luxury of being home from work really fast ergo I get to spend a lot of time with my wife and daughter. That’s something many working parents miss out on, and I like to capitalize on my advantages. When my wife goes back to work (eventually), we’ll very likely lose a chunk of time to her commute. Then my daughter will start school… augh.

Work:Life:Work balance? What’s that second work? That’s the writing. I’m staring down the long road to that first novel, putting short works aside after the spring of 2015. That means I have to hunker down to the commitment and make words happen. But when?

My initial plan will be to start with the very early hours. This has been difficult because my office is directly beneath my daughter’s room, and in the morning she becomes very sensitive to sound as she drifts back to consciousness (we’re luck to have a really excellent sleeper here – like 11 hours, no interruptions!). If I so much as sneeze, I run the risk of an early morning for her, which kills my write time. I have a soft-touch, minimal feedback keyboard, but typing is still typing.

The upside is that I like mornings, even the still-dark, too early for most hours. If the weather wasn’t cold and I actually had a real patio, I’d go work outside and watch the sun come up. Maybe in the spring? We’ll see, I guess.