Windows 10 – The Upgrade and First Impressions

The little balloon told me to upgrade.

Yesterday (Monday), the little spider of Windows 10 sitting in my notification area told me my number was up and it was time to get my Free Upgrade to Windows 10.

I was in the process of transcoding some media, so I ignored it. But this morning I looked at what I use the most on this computer, my current gaming habits, and checked my ‘give a shit’ levels, and found they were all compatible with upgrade.

The process itself was rather smooth. It looked like a typical Windows Update for software patches, told me what it was doing in “U R Dum” language, and hummed along. BTW, system specs are here, where speed is relevant.

I suffer from a system board issue where reboots ordered by the OS tend to fall on their face, so I sat there – coffee and hand – and minded the activities. I think there were three reboots total, and I had to poke the reset switch each time to wake the hardware up. This is, as implied, a ‘my problem,’ not an MS problem.

Once up and going, I had no working keyboard. Handy feature in 10 – On-Screen Keyboard. This is a piece of the software functionality that makes your traditional PC work like a tablet. Made the frustration of fixing the hardware keyboard marginally less just by existing. Turns out I had this problem: Unable To Install Bluetooth Driver

The 07-Aug solution posted by “thaler” was more-or-less my fix. SetPoint v6.67.82 offline (the whole shebang) fixed it (note: maybe just needed to install twice? Or maybe truly needed something from the full install payload?).

After that, everything has been fine. The transcoding software still works. The AV software still works. The PIVPN software still works. I suppose at some point I’ll go thru the list of games compatible with Windows 10 and try a few. GOG has pretty solid updated content, so, yeah.

The window sticking and tiling functionality in 10 seems to be very compatible with my “goddammit why won’t this just be intuitive” philosophy of how a windowed UI should work. I’m happy about that. I might say it behaves a little bit more like Ubuntu’s Unity Window Manager/UI and less like… well, less like Windows. Good move, that.

So far, early impressions are good. Would have been nice if that Bluetooth driver would have undergone better regression testing or something to that effect. Oh well.