My favorite thing that happened today is recursion

Once in a while I randomly follow my own links. I stumbled across this today at the bottom of a 2007 blog entry.

…and probably a dead seagull will rot inside something structural and the gasses compressing within the space will eventually erupt explosively, causing a butterfly in South America to fart and the devastating series of chain reactions will ensue, up to but not necessarily including another reactionary swing in the electoral college. Every time that damn presidential groundhog sees his shadow it’s 8 more years of neo-fascism.

-Me, 2007

I like it in the context of the current political climate of the US of A. I’m not really a political person; politics mostly make me sad. Apparently back in ’07 I was harrumphing about it.

Strictly speaking, the foregoing quote blames a seagull – a bird species common to biomes featuring large bodies of water, but not entirely unrepresented in Boulder, Colorado {reservoir, I suppose} – that will die and through some kind of Harold Ramis/Danny Rubin logic will result in a Republican win in the election.

So, I’ll be looking through the news for damaging structural defects linked to bird death. Maybe when you all crown Trump as King of the World* I’ll know which building you sabotaged.






*Head Bozo