Parting Shot

I have a couple choice words for 2015.

I’ll start with the salty, so I can finish on the sweet.



To the no-account asshole who convinced the public he’s some kind of scientific authority and a blessing to lawmakers as a result:

Your brand of science is useless. When you disregard practical application or the human element in your approach, which has as its mission “to inform the public”, you exemplify the pinnacle of intellectual laziness. Furthermore, the mechanism by which you enact your so-called science is predatory and entirely unethical.



To the guy who hired the foregoing no-account asshole: you’re a dumbass.



To the young man who turned my mother’s missing belongings over to the bank but left no contact info: thank you, you’ve restored some modicum of my waning faith in humankind.



Good riddance 2015.


2 thoughts on “Parting Shot

  1. Your Lord, Jesus Christ says:

    You might need to narrow down no-account asshole you’re talking about, as this year has had a surplus of them where anti-science and anti-intellectual thinking is involved.

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