Word of the Day Art: Guttural







15-year-old HP TC1100 tablet

MyPaint (open source project), using stock brushes

Source image poached from:



Guttural seems like a word we should be able to play with a little. Have some fun maybe. The compulsory web search yields much in the way of thrash metal album covers. I consider myself open-minded, particularly when it comes to disturbing. Anyway…

Once we’ve weeded through the severed heads and genitalia-in-meat-grinders, we come across horses. Yes, horses.

Never in my life have I drawn a horse. Not that I recall, anyway. I might have Magnadoodled a giraffe once. It didn’t press charges.

Apparently horses have a guttural pouch, for which, in 2002*, no clear purpose was given. I stumbled upon some theories around regulating blood temperature and sinus or skull pressure. I also came across a paragraph on differential diagnosis including the phrase “hemorrhage associated with guttural pouch mycosis.” I didn’t take it any further.

Today’s flash art¬†is taken from a mask cleverly designed based on a horse skull (wherein one would find the guttural pouch), looking suitably unnerving, somehow both pagan and sinister.



*ref: Textbook of Veterinary Anatomy 3rd ed. (2002)