Word of the Day Art: Oenophile







HP TC1100 Linux Mint 18 “Sarah” LDM+Xfce

MyPaint 1.2.0 (open source project), stock brushes

Flash art reference today robbed from myself. Timely, as I just pinned that picture to my bio a few days ago. “in vino …sanitas.”

Oenophile is one of those words that doesn’t fit into conversation easily. In truth, saying it out loud to other people lands you a snob stigma. I wouldn’t wear that t-shirt, as much as I like wine.

The sketch itself is, well, shabby. The proportions are off, the scale is off. The tiny little glass is actually a tiny little glass, so that part is at least accurate. In my defense, I am still getting used to digital brushes on outdated hardware. The devil might say it doesn’t matter.


In other news, its September. Dead horse kick: my favorite time of year, from a seasonal perspective.