Objet d’art: A First Go

I have a sock on my hand.

lesson01The image was created following the steps outlined in David Revoy’s tutorial on digital painting, found freely available to the public on his website (linked below).


I didn’t go so far into the lesson as to even come close to finishing, time constraints being what they are.


Win 10 whitebox (this one)

Krita 3.0 for Win 64b

Wacom Intuos PTH-651


Some observations:

  • Holy crap I’m bad at this
  • New, profound respect for digital artists using a stylus – tha-shit-no-eezee
  • Krita is pretty darn cool
  • David Revoy is also pretty darn cool
  • The Wacom pad doesn’t put out heat like the TC1100 (duh)


  • My hands still sweat unbearably, thus the sock