September Cleaning

When we bought our home this past summer, we moved some boxes I hadn’t seen the inside of in over a decade. What follows are musings on some few of the contents.

In 2003 I bought my condo again for the last time. Third time’s a charm, right? (Clean financing after that.) What I didn’t do is move in. Some of my “stuff” just lived in boxes jammed in closets and stacked in the unused second bedroom. In the following year(s) I prepared to move across the country, though I never actually did it. Yet more boxes occurred.

In 2006 I moved to Conifer. Said boxes, along with still more new boxes, moved into the garage.

In 2007 I bought another house in Littleton, and moved all these boxes ultimately into the crawlspace, unopened.

In 2016 I – we, actually; married now – sold that house and bought another. Once again, these boxes moved, unopened.

A few days ago, the bell tolled.


Runes and a Gun

Let’s start with the gun. It’s a .177 cal BB pistol. Up until mere moments ago I had no recollection of how it came into my possession. But memory being what it is, some hazy outlines have started to fill in.

Circa 1987, give or take a few months, this relic appeared, along with a rifle version, mixed in with my childhood collection of oddly-shaped sticks. It was, and arguably still is, the property of a former paramour of my divorcee mother.

I once had this on my person, in a hip holster, during a midnight run across a large apartment complex when my cohort and I were stopped by a nightwatchman. I tell myself mr. nightwatchman didn’t notice the pistol because I kept my forearm crammed over it, turned my hip away from him, and when he eventually ran us off (without calling the cops), I managed to keep it hidden. In the dark of night, the piece looks alarmingly similar to a .45 Glock 21. That seems to be the only real interesting thing to know about this old … piece of junk.

Pictured with it, we find a much more interesting set of 25 runes (the Wyrd rune is deliberately blank), taken primarily from the Blum Book of Runes. (So far as I was ever able to tell, Blum’s work was well in accord with the Llewellyn Publications on the subject of STAFR). I made this set sometime after 1989, but before 1997, to the best of my recollection. The wood is White Ash, and the characters are burned rather than painted. According to the Llewellyn publications I own, this would promote protection magic based on the type of wood and the color of the symbols. The set was never properly consecrated, but storage ritual in natural fibers was observed.




In keeping with the nature of the crap that I retain (for reasons unknown to me), we find 2 internal fax-modem cards and 2 adapters for Handspring PDAs. Why do I have these? If I recall correctly, one adapter turned the PDA into a pager, essentially. The other? I don’t think it was very sophisticated (well, it was at the time), but it might have made basic web-browsing possible. Does anyone remember these things? Weren’t they like stupid expensive for very little ROI? Damn… so modems were probably from the early days of AOL, circa 1995 or 1996, I think. The Handspring modules are creeping more towards the turn of the century.



Here we find something from 1996, if memory serves. WWIV was the flavor of the times for BBS software, and damned if I didn’t own 50% of a license. Danny sprang for the rest, and we ran our board out of his house in Denver. It cost us $80 to own this license. Did we ever do anything with it? Well, I can’t say we were ragingly popular, but I’ll bet Shadowrun wouldn’t have been the same without it.

Here’s a brain-teaser: which computer did the BBS live on? Anyone, anyone? I don’t recall myself. I’m going to guess Dan’s.




And then we come upon something I didn’t know I had: June 8, 1987, several years after my family moved out of Lakewood to (the infamous) Edgewater house, this letter appears. This brings a bit of a tear to the eye, that ‘fond memories’ kind of sentiment, thinking of things like the first time I ever smelled play dough, or magic markers. I remember the merry-go-round, and rough-cut wooden playground equipment, my first listen to Motley Crue (Bastard! Wanna get screwed again!) I remember catching garter snakes, hanging out with the Clark brothers, and with Jesse ____ (?!), and Erik “whatchewtalkabout” Willis. The “Carrie” Erik mentions in the letter here was our Aphrodite, and the notion that he’d had a date with her rankled so…



Less about cleaning up boxes of crap and more about just being baffled: Here we have the detritus that stuck in the sieve over the drain of our digital lives. It’s a piece of electronic history. I’m fair certain this iteration of the Primitive Behaviours “logo” hearkens to the post-Geocities, post-Yahoo, era of vanity sites, when I moved it to a subdomain on Redrival. Probably in there would also be some early MovableType blogging software, too. Those days are so faint now, I barely see them. Yet there exists here on this blog ties to the ones that came before. Even LiveJournal spasms exist here, in the “Ye Olde Blog” category, back to around 2003.