InkTober 22-25

dollInkTober 22 through 25 include some color, for a change. Herein we find “Doll,” “Slow Fang,” “Haunted Dozen,” and “Tired, Abandoned.”


Inspired by, but not referenced directly from the voodoo doll tiles for ‘Sammie’s Lost Dollies’ in Champions Online. I screwed up the power nimbus overlaps, but in the interest of time made no effort to fix it.


slowfangSlow Fang

I ask you, why not a snail?


haunted12Haunted Dozen

A new imagining of the Huevo Del Diablo from the mid-90s (I wonder if Eddie still has that jacket?). This is more like the “Slightly Inconvenienced Half-Dozen,” but it was fun to do. I like the cell-shaded approach; came out okay.


tiredabandonedTired, Abandoned

Before I put the phrase together, I was lost. Once the voice in my head pronounced it, however, I was reminded immediately of “This place is quiet and abandoned” from Seabound’s song “Torch.” Taking the narrative within the song as inspiration we find the chessboard wasteland and a lone, dispirited rook.



  • Yeah, alright, it’s digital ink. Read about Jake Parker’s InkTober here
  • I’m curating my own 2016 InkTober list
  • I’ve never done this before
  • Win 10 whitebox (this one)
  • Krita 3.0 for Win 64b
  • Wacom Intuos PTH-651