InkTober 28-31

Concluding InkTober with 28 through 31 herein we find “Firebat,” “Surprise Candy” “Wrecked Pumpkin” and “Costumed Friend.”


A lot went on in this, initially. When I filled the background in with black, I liked it that much more, and everything else was gone.


SurprisecandySurprise Candy

Entirely referenced. Eh.


PumpkinwreckWrecked Pumpkin

This quickly turned into a pumpkin texture experiment.


CostumedfriendCostumed Friend

Okay, holding a serviceable battleaxe isn’t really the same as a costume, but its a fun picture. He had this kind of beatific look on his face… Much love, Mister.

Well, that’s the end of InkTober. There are roll-ups available using the tags: #inktober and #inktober2016

(okay, right now they show the same exact stuff, but in future years that’ll change.)


  • Yeah, alright, it’s digital ink. Read about Jake Parker’s InkTober here
  • I’m curating my own 2016 InkTober list
  • I’ve never done this before
  • Win 10 whitebox (this one)
  • Krita 3.0 for Win 64b
  • Wacom Intuos PTH-651

More Notes:

  • I learned tons
  • Krita is wonderful
    • It is chock-full of tools that add technical control you just don’t get with analog paint.
    • As much as I love analog paint… this is way cooler.
  • Wacom Intuos PTH-651 worth every penny
    • Responsive
    • Sensitive
    • Accurate
    • Magical
  • Provided I dedicate this kind of effort to continued learning I feel like there’s hope I might even be kind of, somewhat, a little good at it eventually.