Reel-in the Rant

I wrote a rather windy diatribe recently, in response to the, uh, recent events.

There were actually quite a few expletives throughout the text. It  later seemed all-at-once disingenuous to edit it down to something that could stand freely on the internet while I still consider myself a professional. So, I scrapped it. Maybe when I’m one of the ultra-wealthy and completely self-sufficient I can dig it out and share it.

Here are the highlights:

  1. USAm voters are complicit in perpetuating the omnipresent class war against themselves
  2. The DNC this season was really, really, riotously awful – what a mistake, the D completely failed itself
  3. I think Trump is awful, and that hasn’t changed
  4. An intelligent “elder statesman” United States could have been a welcome world community leader. Not now, of course, no, that ship sailed, hahaha. Look what we just put in front of the international community!
  5. The international community is confounded; congrats on your leverage, ‘murica

Is there a light at the end of the tunnel?

Maybe. The popular vote says the United States of America didn’t want this outcome. So most of the people around us weren’t entirely bat-crackers-nutty.

I guess its up to everyone to fix it. It’s intriguing to try and figure out where to stand with so much bloviating going on all around the table. Even the politicians we like are stuck up against either working inside the system to change it, or obstructing it. Obstructing it has mixed results at best. Working inside it? Probably also mixed results.

This is going to be exhausting. Why can’t politics suck less?