Another try at a canvas using the currently free Verve Painter.



  • Yeah, alright, it’s digital ink. Read about Jake Parker’s InkTober here
  • Win 10 whitebox (this one)
  • Verve Painter v0.99v.22
  • Wacom Intuos PTH-651
  • Apx. 90 minutes

I remember Friday’s daily kick through the neighborhood being chaotic in my head. A lot of thoughts happened, and they – as they often do – sacrificed themselves to the ancient god of shitty memory.

There was something in there about the presence of reflected  light in the atmosphere and how it interferes with perception of oblivion (read: looking straight up, on a clear day). Right up there you get the deepest blue possible depending on the reflected light, the quality of the atmosphere at your location, and the reliability of your vision. Also, depending on your predilection for existential observation: a deep, abiding sense of insignificance or possibly doom.

Immediately after that was a thought, or several thoughts, on mortality. I keep coming back to the death of Chris Cornell. I need to stop doing that because it fucks me up.

Shortly after, I was startled by a hawk. It flew up from the ground to a pine bough roughly 20 feet up and stared at me like I interrupted something important. I tried to snap a picture but it turned out crap and I wasn’t about to get closer.

On the way up the gravel stairs a monarch butterfly started flirting with my ankles and the nearby thistle blooms. When I see monarchs a fugue of “tastes icky, travels in hordes, increases the the actual measurable biomass of South America in Sept-Oct by an order of magnitude” flutters through my head. Coupled indistinctly with “We are Swarm” and various hive-mind super-intelligence fantasies, also.

After that I don’t remember anything except Spanish rice.