Hamburger Sundae



This doot was a couple hours using the currently free Verve Painter.

I was just starting to hit stride when it was quitting time. It’s a real shift in thinking – shift in paradigm – using a tool that replaces all the cheats, wiggles, and giggles of something like Photoshop or Krita with a natural paint philosophy. Painting shit takes forever if you don’t want it to look slapdash. Oh you screwed up? Get the solvent. Don’t like that color? Paint over it.  (psst… this still looks slapdash.)

To be fair, Verve has layers and blending, masks and erasers and such. But no fancy tools. You get: brushes and paint and canvas tricks and fluid dynamics. Cool.

I’m still utterly lost, but as long as my pants don’t fall off I guess my sack won’t freeze.

The scene was inspired by the evil trapburger spiders mentioned in Chuck Wendig’s blog today.

I guess, time-permitting, I’ll come back to this and see if I can get it mushed into a finished paint.

The background was referenced from… can you guess?  Yes, another photo found on Ello.

(if you’re not on Ello and want to be, just ask)


  • Yeah, alright, it’s digital ink. Read about Jake Parker’s InkTober here
  • Win 10 whitebox (this one)
  • Verve Painter v0.99v.22
  • Wacom Intuos PTH-651
  • Apx. 2.5 hours