Today I started something a little more complex using the currently free Verve Painter.

Made a mess of the proportions, and so far as I can tell with Verve I have to actually repaint the stuff needing fixed – there isn’t a shortcut way to move stuff around or skew and resize or other such tricks. A good exercise overall, I think, to have to do that. Time consuming.

So  yeah, magical long-arm stretchy-man should get some more attention in the coming days. Goal. Hooah.

Referenced from an iPhone photo of FiL standing outside Tullamore Dew Distillery in Offaly, Ireland (I think).


  • Win 10 whitebox (this one)
  • Verve Painter v0.99v.22
  • Wacom Intuos PTH-651
  • Apx. 2 hours … didn’t really pay attention
  • Good times