Underneath the Water…er…

I have long admired David Troupes work. From the napkin doots he shared back in his early days all the way until every time he stopped doing Buttercup Festival and resumed and stopped…and…

I borrow heavily from his style; there’s something fluid and natural about it. It’s peaceful, that makes me happy. He creates profound intricacies with fine detail like leaves and feathers, expressions in simplified posture – stuff I could go on and on about – and suggests a profound, benevolent patience. Not to mention the guy can draw a bunch of straight, parallel lines like no one has any business doing.

Oh well. Today’s “underwater” piece plunges hungry vampire roots deep into Troupes’ work, seasoned with my own added nonsense. And yes, I just flipped the scene upside down, then drew the bug.


  • Chair, easel, pencil, eraser, multiliner, brush pen
  • Still no idea what paper I’m using
  • 1/2 dozen sketchbook treatments, including one with an octopus bathing a baby octopus, before this idea took root
  • I tried to comic-book-ify a poodle moth. Didn’t work. I’ll try again another day.
  • 45 minutes, and its evident I have zero muscle control in my arms