Long Dong Sphinxy

Long in the Dong

“Can you feel it, angel?” is a shout out to ancient history… If memory servers it appeared in the cracked by logo on a copy of … Sprint? Super Sprint? I once had for played on the Amiga.

I read an article today about how Charles Darwin predicted the existence of a moth that was able to probe the abyssal depths of a Madagascar orchid (Angraecum sesquipedale) with a 30 cm deep nectary. In the 90s, some 110 years after Darwin’s death, a species of just such a moth¬†(a variety of sphinx moth; Xanthopan¬†morganii praedicta) was photographed and recorded on video plumbing one of these orchids.

…and she trembled.


  • Chair, easel, pencil, eraser, multiliner, brush pen
  • Paper
  • 3 sketchbook treatments
  • 45 minutes, and a rum & coke