Crooked Sword

Sword Shy Crooked

Yeah I wasn’t really impressed either. Commitment fail. Hasty, and its apparent.

After a long weekend spent in Estes Park, Colorado, I flew from the Denver snowstorm into the heatwave of 96 degree Houston.

There isn’t any floodwater anywhere that I can detect, so I guess its okay.

Also, I found a collar bar in a retail shop. I didn’t think these things were even made anymore, let alone sold in shops that aren’t called Win. If you don’t know what a collar bar is, well, Google.

Also also, after I arrived in Houston with my carefully-packed formal wear and little else, the VP advises that casual dress is appropriate for the day-long meetings ahead.




  • Hotel desk, pencil, eraser, multiliner, brush pen
  • Strathmore premium recycled sketch 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ 60lb
  • 1 sketchbook treatment
  • 20 minutes, cheap French Beaujolais