Dash at angry frog

Run At Angry Frog

For some reason I woke up at 3:30am this morning. It wasn’t one of those crappy moments when you complain to yourself about being awake and you’re mad at daytime. It was more of a, “Huh, I’m awake. I feel okay about that.”

I fumbled out of bed, showered, and puttered around the hotel room, eventually sitting down to look at today’s Inktober prompt.

It hit me pretty quick that I was going to be silly; the frog was unexpected. I wavered on putting a speech balloon in for a “what the fuck?” quote, but decided the frog’s face was pretty much there.

You might spot that there’s a date on the opposite page above the spiral…that date reads: 22 Nov 1997, and the drawing thereon is a sketch of shelf fungus native to Colorado. I have a book about fungus native to Colorado somewhere in my stacks of weird accumulata. If I’m not mistaken I bought it at the Natural History Museum.

There are drawings in this sketchbook going back to about 1996 – I wasn’t good about adding dates until much later in life when I discovered I have can’t remember shit syndrome.

Old sketchbook is old.


  • Hotel desk, pencil, eraser, multiliner, brush pen
  • Strathmore premium recycled sketch 5 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ 60lb
  • 1 sketchbook treatment
  • 45 minutes ish